Polisport Pit Lift Bike Stand Foldable Polisport Logo Orange/Black


Polisport Pit Lift Bike Stand Foldable Polisport Logo Orange/Black

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    • Foot Pedal incorporated to lift lower the stand
    • Folding Design, easy to carry with built
    • in handle
    • Reinforced structure, Anti-slip top to grip the bike’s frame
    • Safety lock system to avoid accidents
    • Bi-material: polypropylene and rubber
    • Space Saving, no tools required
    • Functional pockets to store tools
    • Lifts up to 200 kg / 440 lb
    • Built in rubber pegs to avoid slipping
    • Decoration: Polisport screen-printed logo

    Pris kr 1,729.00
    • Rubber top with embossed logo and raised bumpy non-slip surface
    • Most adjustable lift stand available
    • Adjusts to 11 height positions from 91/2" to 141/2" high
    • Designed for dirt bikes from 50-650cc
    • Easily lifts bikes by stepping on foot lever
    • Even youth riders can put their own bike on this stand
    • Foot-activated release trigger with nylon slider block
    • Made of high-quality aircraft aluminum
    • Large heavy-duty top lifts both wheels off the ground
    • Large recessed rivets won't break off
    • Super-strong lower legs constructed from box aluminum tubing
    • Legs are arched with flat ends for stability on uneven ground
    • Leg stance is 16" wide for maximum stability
    • Available in silver anodized or seven hard-coat factory colors: black, red, blue, green, orange, yellow or white