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INFERNO GRIPS WITH THUMB, Warmer for ATV's / Snowmobiles, Fits 7/8" Bars Open and Closed Ended, Multi Position Controller



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Cold weather is around the corner and Big Bike Parts® introduces its Inferno™ Heated Grips with Thumb Warmer for your ATV or Snowmobile. When it comes to cold weather riding, Big Bike Parts® Inferno™ Heated Grips are the standard in power sports heating and does not take a backseat to anyone. The key to having warm hands is getting the heat to the rider and not cold soaked handlebars. That is why Big Bike Parts® tests their grips to maintain a whopping 170° F, which means they heat the actual grip and your hand versus losing it all to the cold. The Inferno™ Heated Grips work with open or closed ended bars and use Big Bike Parts® industry leading E-Z™ controller for easy single button control with 5 pre-set heat settings. With each touch of the button, the next level is chosen, making this the most efficient controller available. New smart logic design allows the activation of an optional battery saver mode which will shut the grips off if your battery voltage falls below 12.5 volts. The Thumb Warmer is a Plug ‘N Go installation and actually works with all Big Bike Parts® heated grips wire harnesses, allowing them to be added to existing installations if wanted. The Inferno™ Thumb Warmer provides 120° F to keep your thumb comfortable. These new grips are for 7/8” snowmobile and ATV bars, no throttle sleeves. Other sizes of Inferno™ Grips are available for 1” and 7/8” motorcycle bars.


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