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Viser 1-9 av 950 element(er)
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    • Provides increased horsepower and torque with a deeper, more aggressive exhaust note
    • Muffler body has proprietary technology to prevent bluing making this slip-on virtually blue proof
    • Ease of installation makes it perfect for the do-it-yourself mechanic
    • Includes a small heat-shield that mates the muffler to the stock head pipes
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    • Attach the rocking base to a Strider 12" Balance Bike (Classic, Sport, or Pro) and get your child rocking
    • The rocking base doesn’t just familiarize them with a bike, the rocking motion helps develop their balance, spatial awareness, and core strength
    • No batteries, no annoying sounds; just pure, rocking fun
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    Youth Splash Helmet- Small

    Pris kr 449.00
    • No-pinch buckle
    • Padded chin guard
    • Internal, wrap-around padded sweatband
    • 14 large air vents to keep you cool

     NOTE: Fits heads 48-54 cm (19-21 inches)

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    • Straps right onto the wheels of any Strider 12” Balance Bike to create an amazing powder pony for the sledding hills
    • Provides the same great essentials of riding, like balance and leaning into turns, year round in cold weather climates