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AR Assistant Advanced rider assistant system
The AR Assistant is a complete rider-aid package including traction and wheelie control for maximizing rider safety & performance both on road and racetrack.
Please choose the make/model/year of your bike in the Product Advisor to get the exact part numbers.
The product can be installed on any ABS-equipped bike using the bike-specific harness kits. For non-ABS models, the optional front-wheel disc and sensor kit is required.
In some special cases, a rear-wheel sensor is also required, these kits have a ‘DD’ in their part numbers and the price varies accordingly.
Brake Light pro - Programmable brake light flasher module
The smallest brake light flasher module on the market just for your own safety. Car drivers are prone of crashing into a bike stopping for traffic lights or pedestrian crossings. A ‘sorry mate, haven’t seen you’ won’t get you and your bike back on the road and even serious accident could occur just because of a careless driver.
Now we got your back with this tiny module! ‘Wakes up’ drivers behind you – no more tailgating! Easy to fit and operate, you can choose from 11 (+ bypass) flash patterns and won’t waste any space on your bike – it’s just so tiny. Get protected today!
DCT Dyno Tool Dyno mode activator for Honda DCT motorcycles
Activate dyno mode on DCT equipped Honda motorcycles with ease. Just plug this little tool to the diagnostic connector of the bike and it activates the dyno mode in a few seconds. Faster turnaround and lower costs for workshops!
Lightning fast
Just plug the DCT Tool into the diagnostic connector, turn the ignition key ON and wait a few seconds – that’s it.
Saves cost
It is much quicker and more convenient to use the DCT Tool for activating the dyno mode than using a factory diagnostic tool.
Advanced tech
The DCT Dyno Tool is compatible with all Honda models equipped with a Dual Clutch Transmission.
ES Eliminator Exhaust servo eliminator module
Remove the bulky and heavy exhaust servo motor when replacing the end-can or the full exhaust system. Plus, it will get rid of the FI light coming up when disconnecting the servo motor. Get the job done right with the help of the tiny, but mighty ESE!
OEM exhaust cans and systems won’t win a beauty contest these days (and rarely did they in the past), they weigh a lot more than the aftermarket counterparts, sound crap and you never reach the bike’s full potential with them. Whatever is the reason to change your end-can or whole system, removing the exhaust valve will leave you with the dreaded FI light. Install the ESE to take care of that so that the FI light will come on only when it has to – when there’s a trouble with the engine.
eSync Tool - Professional digital throttle body sync tool
Throttle body syncing just got easy with our eSync Tool! Bundled with a free PC software! Updates are automatic and free of charge for the lifetime of the product.
Straightforward operation
Just plug it in and start the measurement. The eSync Tool comes with our PC software which has clear and easy-to-understand user interface.
Awesome tech
The unit has four digital, high precision, high sensitivity factory-calibrated quick response vacuum sensors. The complete waveforms (which occur in the combustion chamber) are shown in real time.
Saves cost
Being able to see what is going on inside the combustion chamber can save hours of work. It is a useful tool for bike owners too who do their own maintenance.
GIpro ATRE G2 Gear indicator with built in ATRE function
Gear indicator with built in ATRE function
Small size, huge gains! The new ATRE is a killer combo for many riders. Advanced TRE function, auto brightness control and touch sensor in this new version for maximum satisfaction!Highlights
Touch control
Touch sensor for convenient switching between specific modes and for adjusting various options.
7 ATRE + Bypass mode
The ATRE G2 gear indicator comes with a switchable, 7 mode (+ bypass) advanced TRE function to increase power.
Light sensor
The display brightness is adjusted automatically. The sensitivity of the sensor can be fine tuned if desired.
GIpro DS-series G2 The ultimate Plug ‘n Go gear indicator
The GIpro DS-series G2 is super easy to install on Diagnostic System equipped bikes. No more splicing for power (except on Triumph motorcycles). Improved signal processing on ALL models. Response time can be adjusted in the menu. Wider compatibility.
The new G2 version comes with the Touch Control feature and gets the Light Sensor just like all GIpro G2 models in the family. The list of supported bikes include fuel injected motorcycles from Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph and Harley Davidson.
Compatible with ALL HealTech products and backed up by our 2-year warranty.
GIpro X-type G2 (GPXT) Gear indicator kit
GIpro X-type G2 gear indicator
Next generation gear indicator with all the latest tech. Touch control, auto brightness, high speed warning and shift light function – all in a neat package. With modern microprocessor technology and sophisticated firmware, the GIPro X-type G2 offers faster and more reliable readings than competing products.
While our original GIpro/ATRE is the #1 choice for riders looking for a gear position indicator, the list of supported models is limited. The X-type G2 is the top level performer when it comes to compatibility. Available for Ducati, Honda, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha bikes and there’s an universal, non bike specific version as well.
iLogger easy - Advanced telemetry and data acquisition system
iLogger easy
Advanced telemetry and data acquisition system
The iLogger easy represents a new generation of telemetry systems that is fundamentally different from the competition. The unit installs under the seat easily. It is very simple and convenient to set up and use with the free Android & iOS app. Should you need more inputs/outputs later, just connect the optional extension module(s) any time. New functions are added regularly via automatic app and firmware updates.
Awesome tech
Fully configurable data acquisition system. Easy to use while offering pro-level functions and customization options.
Professional analyzer feature
Data and track analysis on phones and tablets over WiFi. Automatic racetrack mapping. Can be used even on public roads.
Dashboard function
Available via any Android and iOS phones. Swappable high quality and informative dashboard skins.
Maintenance Mate - Service light reset tool for Triumph motorcycles
Recent Triumph motorcycles have a ‘service interval indicator’ on the dashboard which requires an OBD tool to clear after carrying out regular maintenance. It’s quite a chore and cumbersome. However, with our new standalone Maintenance Mate, you can now clear the warning and set the interval to the desired value in just seconds.
Awesome tech
Set the next interval with the touch pads with ease! Works both with Km/h and MPH meters. Easy and fun to use!
Worth every penny
It’s a cost effective tool for home servicing and will pay for itself after just one saved trip to the dealer.
Small but tough
The unit itself is hardly larger than the OEM diagnostic connector it connects to. Rugged design, filled with epoxy resin. Oil and water resistant (IP68).