Synthetic V-Twin Primary Fluid
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Synthetic V-Twin Primary Fluid

• Delivers consistent clutch feel for confident takeoffs
• Helps prevent clutch slip
• Provides smooth acceleration
• Helps riders easily find neutral
• Protects compensator bearing, chain and gears against wear

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Synthetic V-Twin Primary Fluid

Engineered to provide consistent clutch performance for confident starts. Helps prevent slip for smooth acceleration. Limits drag to make finding neutral easy. Protects the compensator bearing and other vital chaincase components for long equipment life. Use in V-twin primary chaincases commonly found in Harley-Davidson,* Triumph* and pre-2013 Indian* motorcycles.

See the product data sheet for full details.


  • Formulated with a balanced additive system that provides consistent clutch performance and feel.
  • Helps riders easily find neutral and promotes smooth acceleration in stop-and-go city conditions or when on the highway.
  • Superior load-holding capacity helps prevent clutch slip for confident takeoffs.


  • Contains a heavy dose of anti-wear additives to protect the gears, chain and compensator bearing from wear.
  • Superior film strength helps protect against shock-loading, promoting reduced wear and long component life.


  • Thermally stable synthetic formulation naturally resists the harmful effects of thermal breakdown.
  • Helps components stay cool and achieve optimum performance and life.

See the product data sheet for full details.

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