Antifreeze & Coolant

DOMINATOR® Coolant Boost
DOMINATOR® Coolant Boost

Improves heat transfer for increased horsepower. Reduces engine temperatures. Radiator-safe. Helps prevent corrosion in high-performance racing applications. Compatible with all water sources, including distilled, bottled and tap water. Shortens warm-up time. Safe for use with antifreeze mixes.
See the Product Data Bulletin for full details.
Unlike other products, DOMINATOR Coolant Boost uses three surfactants, each designed to operate in a different temperature range, to increase liquid-to-metal contact.
Closer contact with metal parts increases the coolant’s efficiency in transferring heat away from hot engine parts and out through the radiator and fan.
Reduces engine temperature up to 25°F (13.8°C) for maximum efficiency.
kr 239.20
Low Toxicity Antifreeze and Engine Coolant

Antifreeze and Engine Coolant
Low-Toxicity Propylene Glycol Antifreeze

AMSOIL Antifreeze & Engine Coolant is formulated to provide benefits beyond those provided by today's conventional antifreeze and coolant products. This revolutionary formulation provides maximum antifreeze and cooling protection in extreme temperatures and operating conditions. Unlike conventional ethylene glycol-based products, which are acutely toxic, AMSOIL Antifreeze & Engine Coolant is formulated with propylene glycol. It is biodegradable and its low toxicity limits the threat to children, pets and wildlife.

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AMSOIL Powersports Antifreeze & Coolant
Forblandet 50/50 med høyrent vann Etylenglykol-formuleringen oppfyller OEM-kravene Forlenget levetid formulering varer opptil fem år Borat-, nitritt- og fosfatfri Sikker for kobber, messing/bronselegeringer og aluminium Overkokingsbeskyttelse opp til 108 °C (226 °F) Frostbeskyttelse ned til -37 °C (34°F)
kr 127.20